Energy is a basic need to support human life. It is basic requirement for executing all the infrastructure development of the nation. The country has immense need of economically feasible energy based on the renewable sources. Alternative energy source is increasingly being realized in the rural sector not only to reduce dependency on traditional energy sources but also to reduce drudgery and sustain income – generating activities. In this context, the major activities of the company include promotion of energy through establishment of small hydropower and development of rural communities and societies with environmental friendly.

Hydropower Development Policy 1991, Electricity Act 1993 and Electricity by laws 1993 have opened opportunities for private sector investment in hydropower project development in Nepal. However, encouraging Nepalese investors to invest in large hydropower projects is difficult. Even for small hydropower projects, it is difficult to attract Nepalese investors because they expect quick returns. Hydropower projects give good financial returns in the long term. A group of individuals of Suri and Chandu VDCs have made an effort to develop, build and operate Suri Khola Hydropower project in Dolakha district. Suri Khola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. (SKHPL) was established and registered in Department of Industries, Government of Nepal under the Company Act 2053 BS in 17/08/2065. SKHPL has proposed Suri Khola Hydropower Project (SKHP), which is one of the hydropower projects identified in Suri River. SKHPL is a Private company registered in Kathmandu with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MoICS), GoN, pursuant to the company act 2053 BS. The activities of SKHPL are being carried out in cooperation with Ministry of Energy (MoE), Nepal through Department of Electricity Development (DoED) and the local community. The company had conducted feasibility study of the project and plant capacity proposed by the study was 3600 kW. After completion of feasibility study and further river flow measurement by more accurate method of current meter, the company decided to explore possibility of capacity upgrading of the project by increasing head and increasing the design flow which was seen possible as shown by actual measurement of the flow of Suri Khola. Optimization study has finalized the installed capacity of the project into 6400 kW considering Nepal Electricity Authority’s criteria of flow not exceeding 40 percentile probability of exceedance.

Under the Nepal Electricity Authority policy, the company has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) on 3 June 2015. The Generation license from Department of Electricity Development (DoED) has been received. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for project alignment has also been done, however, the EIA for transmission line is being done. The financial closure with Prabhu bank as the lead bank has been done.

The company is also planning to develop further new hydropower projects in future.

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